A number of local organizations offer grants to help fund projects using native Illinois wildflowers, grasses, shrubs, and trees. There may be a grant available to fund your dream project!

/1/ What kind of project qualifies for a grant?

There are grants available for butterfly gardens, monarch way stations, prairie plantings, and rain gardens. Funding is available for installing or improving pollinator habitats, and for projects that promote the conservation of Illinois native plants. Whatever idea you have in mind, doing a little research could provide a way to cover some of the cost.

/2/ Which organizations offer grants for native plantings?

Trees Forever or 309-613-0095
The Pollinator Habitat Conservation program is open to any farmer, landowner, or community to install or improve pollinator habitat on their land.

Illinois Native Plant Society – Central Chapter
The Central Chapter of the Illinois Native Plant Society offers grants to individuals or groups for support of projects that promote the conservation of Illinois native plants and natural communities.

Wild Ones – Illinois Prairie Chapter
The Illinois Prairie Chapter of Wild Ones awards grants to organizations to fund the purchase of native central Illinois plants.

Illinois Department of Natural Resources
Illinois Schoolyard Habitat Action Grant
The Illinois Schoolyard Habitat Action Grant provides funding for native plantings for schools, youth groups, or other non-school organizations.

We will continue to add other organizations that offer grants as we learn of them. Please contact us at if you are aware of additional options.

/3/ When do I apply for a grant?

Application deadlines vary, but generally there is an application deadline the fall of the current year for projects to be completed the following year.

/4/ How do I apply for a grant?

Download the grant application from the website of the organizations of your choice and complete the application according to the directions given.

/5/ Can I pre-order the quantities of specific plugs and potted plants that I need for my project?

Yes! If possible, contact us by the end of November with a preliminary idea of your needs for the following year. Please submit the final order by February 1. For spring projects, we recommend waiting until May 10 or later to put the plants in the ground and for fall projects, we recommend that the plants be in the ground by the first week of September.
Download our order form here!

/6/ What is the size and cost of the native grasses and wildflowers?

Pricing for 3”-4” plugs:
1 plug $2.50
6 plugs ($2.25 each) $13.50
36-plug tray ($2.00 each) $72.00
38-plug tray ($2.00 each) $76.00
Quantities over 36 plugs – $2.00 each
Plug trays may be mix and match.
Pricing for 4” pot – $3.50 each

We are happy to help you plan and design your project to include the best native plants for your needs.